Lone Eagle Dogs 

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Puppy Health Guarantee:


Breed: _______________   Sex: ___


Date Whelped: ____________ Price: _________


Sire and Dam: _______________


At the time of sale our puppies carry a guarantee against life threatening congenital problems or diseases.  The Buyer must take their puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 5 days after receiving the puppy.  Seller must be informed IMMEDIATELY by email or in writing of any unforeseen life threatening diseases or conditions found by vet.  Failure to notify seller IMMEDIATELY or failure to take the puppy to the vet within 5 days of ownership cancels this guarantee.  If the vet finds a life threatening disease or condition, then the puppy will be returned to the breeder within 7 days with a certificate from the vet identifying the problem. The buyer and seller will split 50/50 any shipping cost.  The seller assumes no responsibility for veterinarian bills incurred by the buyer.  The buyer will be compensated for the cost of the puppy or given a replacement puppy. 


The seller guarantees that the puppy will be up to date on shots and worming at the time of sale.  Infectious diseases, fleas, ticks, worms, etc. contacted after the puppy is transferred to the buyer are not covered under the replacement guarantee.  We at Lone Eagle recommend that you vaccinate your puppy at 12 and 16 weeks followed by a booster at 1 year.  Please speak with your vet about additional vaccinations, as some may recommend more.  Strict adherence to the vaccine schedule is a must.  Please be aware that vaccinations sometimes fail for various reasons, and a dog does not develop full immunity to some diseases until they are a full year old and have had all their puppy shots, including a booster at the age of 1 year. From the date of transfer forward the buyer will be responsible for all veterinary cost and care.


In regards to hip dysplasia, if the puppy develops hip dysplasia within 30 months of age and it is verified by two vets (2nd one of seller’s choice) the seller will refund the cost of the puppy or buyer will be given another puppy. The buyer must notify the seller with in 7 days of the vet check and produce any veterinarian documentation identifying the hip problem as requested by seller. The puppy must be returned in order to receive cash refund(less shipping) or replacement pup.  Seller under special circumstances may allow owner to keep puppy, but this is seller’s discretion.  All shipping cost will be split 50/50 by seller and buyer. Buyer is responsible for their vet/treatment expense.


We appreciate your business and will work with you the best we can in the event something unforeseen should occur.  Thank you.


The buyer has read and understands this guarantee and will sign to show that he or she has read and understands this guarantee. One copy of guarantee must be returned to seller or guarantee is void.




Buyer’s signature:  _____________________________


Date signed:  ____________


Seller’s signature:  _____________________________


Date signed: ____________